Backyard apathy


Looking pretty unloved

Our backyard has really taken a nose dive lately and it’s looking really pathetic. So Karen and I are tossing around ideas about what we would like to do with our backyard. We have a couple of thing to do first before we actually begin the landscaping portion of our project.

The first thing we have to contend with is removing a jacuzzi that popped up out of the ground a couple of years ago. Along with all the associated equipment, like the pump and the heating system, which is a natural gas heater.

SS Jacuzzi

SS Jacuzzi

This all began when we got some heavy rains in the winter of 2010, the Jacuzzi had been drained during the summer to prevent algae from growing in it and then forgotten. When the rains came, the ground got really saturated and there was no weight in the jacuzzi to hold it in place…so up it came.

So the plan is to cut it up in to pieces and haul it away. Once we get that done, we’ll need to back fill the hole that is left,  lay new pavers and fix some problem paver areas on our patio.

Regardless of anything else we want to do, this is a must do. Our grandson is now zooming all over the place and he is curious little boy. We’re afraid of letting him out on our patio cause we don’t want him to get hurt.

My next post will be on the ideas we have for adding to our backyard.


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About chris vaughn

Karen and I live in Ventura, California with our two dogs Ginger and Martini.

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