I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Tennessee and my parents provided ample opportunities for my brother and me to foster our imaginations. Of course, just between you and me, I thought our mom was just trying to get us out of the house. The creeks, meadows, and woods became places of epic heroic journeys or lairs of sinister evil that only we could vanquish. Thanks to my mom, those seeds of an active imagination were planted.

My path so far has taken me to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, the deserts of Nevada, the swamps of Florida and many other places in between. It was my time in Florida that I realized that video, visual effects and animation were more than a night at the movies for me. I needed to pursue my creativity and passion for video and film. So, I set out on my next adventure of obtaining a college degree and a skill set I could use to pursue visual storytelling.

Not only did I obtain my associate of arts degree from Valencia Community College in Florida but a bachelors and masters degree in Digital Media from East Tennessee State University as well. I flourished in a media-saturated environment interacting with multiple people in a variety of ways simultaneously. My education, skills and experience mingled with my creative and artistic background helped tip the scale in my favor as I was chosen to become Southeastern Community College’s newest instructor of Broadcasting Production Technology.

On campus, I used and trained students on analog and digital broadcast-quality equipment and I am comfortable in the college’s fully-equipped and operational broadcast studio that is used regularly for local cable production through SCC’s EDU-Cable that airs on Time Warner Cable in Columbus County. The production control room utilizes multi-format recording/playback, fully integrated A/B roll editing system, and non-linear editing with Avid Media Composer.

I am an artist, a videographer, video editor and a highly skilled and talented professional who engages in a variety of creative productions. I have worked on independent student films, commercials and a wide range of advertising campaigns. My efforts as a graduate student were awarded with a Silver Addy for Special Effects from the Northeast Chapter of the American Advertising Federation for a class capstone project.

My wife Karen and I have recently moved to Ventura from the beautiful coast of Southeast North Carolina. I’m excited about living in our new community and embarking on the next chapter of my great adventure.


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