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Show Reel 2013

Just updated my show reel. As always finding music that has just the right amount of energy as well as a small bridge or lull near the middle of the tune and of course only about two minutes in length is a challenge. Thanks to the artists at I found just what I was looking for. I hope you enjoy my reel as much as I enjoyed making it.


Finished this video up last month.

We Like Pergolas

Karen and I really like the look of the pergola. It is the one feature that we both keep on coming back to and saying “That’s really nice looking.” As I’ve been looking at them I’ve noticed that there are many different styles of columns that form the pergola.

Design Ideas for the Columns and New Patio Space:

Backyard apathy


Looking pretty unloved

Our backyard has really taken a nose dive lately and it’s looking really pathetic. So Karen and I are tossing around ideas about what we would like to do with our backyard. We have a couple of thing to do first before we actually begin the landscaping portion of our project.

The first thing we have to contend with is removing a jacuzzi that popped up out of the ground a couple of years ago. Along with all the associated equipment, like the pump and the heating system, which is a natural gas heater.

SS Jacuzzi

SS Jacuzzi

This all began when we got some heavy rains in the winter of 2010, the Jacuzzi had been drained during the summer to prevent algae from growing in it and then forgotten. When the rains came, the ground got really saturated and there was no weight in the jacuzzi to hold it in place…so up it came.

So the plan is to cut it up in to pieces and haul it away. Once we get that done, we’ll need to back fill the hole that is left,  lay new pavers and fix some problem paver areas on our patio.

Regardless of anything else we want to do, this is a must do. Our grandson is now zooming all over the place and he is curious little boy. We’re afraid of letting him out on our patio cause we don’t want him to get hurt.

My next post will be on the ideas we have for adding to our backyard.

The Avengers

I had been eagerly anticipating the Avengers movie for quite sometime. So, when this movie was released last weekend I knew that I had to go see it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see it opening weekend. I finally got to see it on Wednesday, May 9 and oh my gosh was it worth the wait! It is action packed, serious, funny and heroic, all in one fabulous package! I highly recommend this movie. I will certainly be writing about this movie in my Movie Rant section. When you do go see this movie, stay all the way to the end of the credit roll…just say’n.

Shift-Tilt Photography

I was looking through my Vimeo feed today and I ran across a video entitled “The City of Samba.” I really enjoyed it so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

Motion Typography

I got inspired a few days ago about motion graphics that use type as the art element for a motion graphics video. There are lots of great examples on the web but I found two that really stood out as good examples. The first is “Say What” by Jarratt Moody set to a scene from “Pulp Fiction.”

The next one is “Oceans Eleven Typography” by Hidir.

Both of these videos are done so well and have a great rhythm to them. So, I’ve set out to give this a go.

Wrath of the Titans

Here’s a movie that has me wanting to go to the theater: Wrath of the Titans. This Warner Brothers picture looks to be better than the previous remake of Clash of the Titans from 2010. The 1981 version of Clash of the Titans holds a special place for me because in 1981 the stop motion animation used in the movie was just very cool. I was glad to see the remake of this film using cutting edge CG, it felt like it was in the spirit of the one from 1981. Plus, by reintroducing this film it exposes another generation to Greek Mythology…which is very cool in my opinion.

A Seagull and 3D

Recently I’ve been working on converting a photograph into a 3D virtual photo. Karen took a photo of a seagull and a passing fishing boat when she visited Morro Bay, CA a couple of years ago, and I felt like it would be good candidate to fly a virtual camera through. Seagull Photo

The process of converting the photo is straight forward enough, but I had to quite a bit of back and forth between Photoshop and After Effects to ensure the quality of my cut outs was good enough for the camera fly through. The fishing boat is the object hat posed the biggest obstacle, simply because it is so complicated.

Well here is a link to the complete fly through — SEAGULL

Dinner and friends

Karen and I were invited to join her mother and father along with two other couples whom they have been friends with for many years. We ate at a really nice restaurant called PRIME near downtown Ventura. The food is really good, the atmosphere is classy and our server was really attentive. Karen and I had a really nice evening.