First Call Back

My first call back during my job search

The first company to call me back while trying to find work in a state where the unemployment rate is 12% and the national unemployment rate is at 10% was A company that produces training videos for just about any type of software. I applied for a Training Producer position at the end of June.

After about 10 days I received a phone call from a lady in the HR department who scheduled a skype interview with me the following week. What’s funny about getting this phone call was Karen, myself, Katherine and her friend Lillian were spending the day at Universal Studios. We had set down for lunch and my cell phone rings. It’s a’s HR rep. — cool! So exciting. After the call I share with everyone the great news.

Now this would be my very first internet interview and I was a little uncertain how to dress. So, I opted for a golf shirt. The interview was scheduled for like 8 a.m. I had previously given the HR person my home number and skype address so that the interviewer could connect with me.

So I’m waiting in front of my laptop for the call. by seven after I’m getting worried so I the HR contact and tell them that I’ve been waiting and was concerned that maybe i was having troubles on my end (which I wasn’t). I was told that a message would be given to the interviewer. I get an email stating that he had been engaged with something and would contact me soon.

The interviewer, finally gives me a call and we begin our interview. It goes pretty well, but it was really tough to read his facial expressions really well. The interview lasted about 40 minutes or so. I would have to wait another 10 days or so to hear back from the company saying that I wasn’t what they we’re looking for–bummer!

I’ll keep looking!


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