Director: Steven Soderbergh
Warner Bros. Pictures

I had high hopes that this movie would be, I dunno – captivating. But something about it just kept it from being – really good. The premise of the movie is not a new one by any stretch of the imagination. However, the way the story was told put an interesting twist on the idea “the Killer Disease.”

The thing that kept me hanging on through this movie was the search for the first person to contract the contagion and then pass it along. So our journey – the audience’s journey, parallels that of the investigators as they try to understand the information that is coming in from all the different directions, as well as, the inevitable field work and data collection that must done. Though I began to suspect who the first person was early on, I found that I wanted to know more, I needed to complete this investigation.

As the body count rises and the investigation continues which produces more and more evidence, the filmmaker uses interesting timeline shifts that are like glimpses back-in-time. These glimpses brings us closer and closer to uncovering the cause and how it was transmitted. To me, the method of storytelling was the most creative part of the movie.

The movie industry gives us a pandemic movie every couple of years (a slight exaggeration). Let’s look at the evidence, and granted this isn’t a comprehensive list.

Pandemic Movies List


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