Spumoni = yum

Oh my gosh! I had the Italian dessert “Spumoni” today for the very first time. And it was sooo good! If you like gelato or ice cream then I highly recommend this.


A Seagull and 3D

Recently I’ve been working on converting a photograph into a 3D virtual photo. Karen took a photo of a seagull and a passing fishing boat when she visited Morro Bay, CA a couple of years ago, and I felt like it would be good candidate to fly a virtual camera through. Seagull Photo

The process of converting the photo is straight forward enough, but I had to quite a bit of back and forth between Photoshop and After Effects to ensure the quality of my cut outs was good enough for the camera fly through. The fishing boat is the object hat posed the biggest obstacle, simply because it is so complicated.

Well here is a link to the complete fly through — SEAGULL

Dinner and friends

Karen and I were invited to join her mother and father along with two other couples whom they have been friends with for many years. We ate at a really nice restaurant called PRIME near downtown Ventura. The food is really good, the atmosphere is classy and our server was really attentive. Karen and I had a really nice evening.


So, I’m finally back to posting on my blog. Hopefully I will be able to post regularly. I’ve added a some new sections to my blog site “Days in Ventura” which is primarily about my attempts to break into theย  movie and television industry in SoCal. “Movie Rants” is my place to talk about the movies I watch.

I’m also helping with another blog site: Pastor Greg Smith. Greg is the minister for First and St. Paul’s Church in Downey, CA.

updating my visual portfolio

I’m actually sitting down and getting serious about getting some new pieces completed for my portfolio and demo reel. I’ve got a couple of ideas that have been moving around in my head for a few years now. One of them is inspired by a book. I’ll give more details later.


I’m happy to say that I’ve become a grandfather this week. Kelli gave birth to Landyn Christopher on Thursday, January 27. He was 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches long. I’m so proud! He’s awesome!

Kelli, Chris and Landyn are coming home today. The whole house is so excited, there’s this sense of anticipation in the air.

After FX

I’ve been getting materials together for one of the classes I’ll be teaching this Spring. I found a site, Video Copilot it is a great site that has a ton of tutorials and great information. This should really be a valuable resource for these students. Heck, I dig it! ๐Ÿ˜€


Hello world!

My first Blog ever!

I was thinking of assignment activities in one of my classes and it struck me to try this out. I really don’t know if I’ll be a regular blogger, but I guess we will see.

How does all this work?

Well, I’ve gotten all caught up in trying to figure out what theme I like how to change the picture in the header blah blah blah ๐Ÿ˜€